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My Thrifted Halloween Costumes

Halloween on a Budget


Goodwill is a great place to shop for Halloween costumes. They sell new, packaged costumes as well as a great selection of clothing that can be used to create unique, personalized costumes.


Jackie Kennedy searches through the racks outside the store for a costume to wear to the elementary school where she student teaches. She found an Olive Oyl costume and wig for $15.


Goodwill encourages you to donate your costume back to the store after Halloween. The store’s return policy normally allows for exchange or store credit.


Being a zombie bride is usually a cheap and easy option, but Goodwill priced their used wedding dresses between $40-50. That’s not so affordable when you’re planning to pour fake blood all over it.


Customers dig through the clothing deemed by Goodwill as costume appropriate. Although some of the items are obvious (firefighter jumpsuit, baseball uniform, etc.), some require more creativity.


Goodwill also sells a variety of unused costumes, ranging from classic vampire to Grecian goddess between $10-$40. Even though some prices are comparable to a costume shop, it’s easy to pass over the expensive items for a cheaper, more unique costume ideas.


In addition to new wigs, Goodwill sells used wigs for about half the price.


There are bins filled with accessories and props for customers to dig through. You’re sure to find the hat, handcuffs, axe, shoes, etc. that you need to complete your costume in one of these bins.


Secondhand Shopping Map

These are the most budget-friendly thrift stores and resale shops in Austin. I’ve personally shopped at only about half of the those I pinned, but I’ll be visiting them all before I create a list of my top five favorite secondhand stores in Austin (coming soon!) 

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